Chain Select with angularjs in codeigniter

at this time i will share make chain select with angularjs in codeigniter, before that you can download his first angularjs angular.min.js and angular-route.js or you can use link google in your source code, If it is alreadyyou can follow me this step by step 
1. create database name is news. and two tables tag and kategori , look at the picture :

assumed you already understand database settings in codegniter, its okay next setp
create folders admin in folder views and then create views file name dashboard.php, follow this source :

And then create file form.php and place to folder views/admin. and then follow source code :

and then create folder dashboard in controller file name Admin.php place in this file, follow source code :

And last step you create file for model name Set_model.php, follow source code

reference :

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